I Helped Them Achieve The Healthy Lifestyle They Want, And Here’s What They Said…


46 lb weight loss

I want to share with the whole world my experiences of the last six months working with Sandra - the woman I was and the woman I am now. I am a mother of three princesses and with their births came the extra pounds and I had grown accustomed to that new look and way of eating. I got to the point where I felt unhappy with my body, with my mind and with my physical well-being. So, I made a decision: "I need help to conquer my lack of self-esteem and be the woman of old". I consulted Sandra, who gave me her nutritional advice and motivating friendly words to never give up in order to achieve my goals. With Sandra’s help I was able to change my eating habits without complicated restrictions. What is already a fact is that I have lost 46 pounds and, at this moment, I am a mother, woman and active professional, in a great mood, motivated and I have gained 20 years of renewed spirit. For all this and much more, thank you!


32 lb weight loss

I am following calmly and without the typical feeling of anxiety associated with a weight loss process that I have experienced in other programs. My relationship with scale has become secondary. My focus has not been on the lost pounds and how long it will take for me to achieve that specific goal, but on the small changes that I manage to make each day and that I believe I will be able to keep for life. The truth is that I no longer feel any guilt of failing as I did before. I value small achievements instead of looking only at failures and this helps me to feel happy and satisfied with myself. I nowlook for new conquests. I have learned to be grateful for the things I have, to stop complaining and I am discovering how much our routine is influenced by how we plan or do not plan things and, consequently, how it influences our daily food intake. I believe that I am changing my life little by little.I feel that this change can be permanent and not only temporary, because I went through the process of change in a pleasant way, knowing what choices I can take without forbidden foods and without guilt.


33 lb weigh loss

I am 43 years old and, if I rummage in my chest of memories, I am caught in a confusion of thoughts and feelings related to food and my body ... sensations that I have experienced all my life and that have brought me pain, a lot of suffering and numerous consequences. My path is long and tumultuous, but I am sure that I have finally found the solution for me! About six months ago I discovered Dr. Sandra Ribeiro and the method she introduced to me changed my life, the way I relate to food and my little world. It is a calm approach in which the important thing is to evolve and change life habits that are taking root and that end up making a difference in the future. I learned to calm down, to know myself, to accept myself, to set goals, to plan my life so that meals, physical exercise and even moments of relaxation and leisure happen naturally and in a healthy way. I also learned that the direction I am going is very important and, when something does not happen as I planned, I get back on my way and keep my life decisions consistent and resilient without blaming myself, but reflecting on what happened in order to learn more about myself. To everyone who doesn't feel good about the way they eat ... I highly recommend this excellent professional, who not only is a very beautiful human being, but one who seeks and manages to help to make a difference in the lives of others.


27 lb weight loss

When I arrived at that frightening period of the Christmas and New Year holidays, I no longer had any fear or any difficulty in going through them. Everything is done in such a simple and effortless way. I was able to acquire habits that were so consistent that today my daily diet does not deviate much from what I consider to be healthy and good for me. I am not afraid of food and I can consciously decide whether I want to eat it or not. I am very happy to have managed to achieve this today, being a 55 year old woman in menopause, when my whole life, since adolescence, I struggled against being overweight. I have reached my ideal weight, without effort and without sacrifices, and I feel good. Although it is not what the scale shows that defines me, it was a goal that I wanted to achieve in order to calmly face the approaching golden age. My feeling is of gratitude for having been shown this path, although I know that I was the one who went through it. Without everything I learned it would not have been possible. My inner growth and personal development are proof of the enormous added value that this program represented for me. Today I am a very different person than I was eight months ago…I am a better, more adult, more aware, more focused person. It was the best decision and my best investment from which I got the biggest return. Thank you so much and please keep me always informed of what you'll be doing out there! I want to continue to grow and learn!